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Case Study: FlipSystem Switches Away From Stripe & Partners With Merchantic

Cost Savings & Enabling Growth

FlipSystem is the #1 company helping new real estate investors get started in their house flipping journey. They provide a unique blend of of consulting & a custom developed CRM software to ensure their clients succeed with their real estate investments.

The Challenge

FlipSystem was a very fast growing company, which meant their revenue was drastically increasing every month. They were tired of the current fees they were paying, and their current processor would withhold their funds. They needed a payments partner to facilitate & withstand the rate of their growth without paying high processing fees.

The Founder & CEO of FlipSystem, Antoine Martel said, "Before working with Merchantic, our current payment processor had us capped at a lower threshold of processing volume than we needed. We knew that if we wanted to grow our revenue, we needed a payments team who could withstand and facilitate our growth needs with our high volume of transactions. A lot of those other companies out there, [like Stripe], may look great on the merchant-facing side... But when it came down to the capabilities we needed in order to keep growing our revenue, Merchantic was able to provide the tools, resources, and man power we needed. They were also able to lower our processing fees by 50 basis points, allowing us to reinvest that saved capital into our marketing efforts."

The Results

By switching to Merchantic, FlipSystem was able to build a completely customized payment platform that fit all their needs and provide their customers the best payments experience possible.

FlipSystem also gained access to our proprietary network of acquiring banks protect their account. This allowed them fast track their revenue growth. Ultimately resulting in 200% growth in their revenue month over month & lowering their processing fees by 50 basis points.

"I couldn't be happier. The transition was seamless and their customer service team went above and beyond to ensure we were taken care of. It's exactly what we needed in order to keep growing. Their fees are also much more reasonable compared to my previous provider. I highly recommend Merchantic for any business looking for a reliable and cost-effective payment processing solution that is built for growing companies."

-Antoine Martel, Founder & CEO of FlipSystem


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