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Payments for custom platforms and apps


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With Merchantic Connect, you can combine the power of your app, website, or software platform with our payments infrastructure on the backend. Let us take the heavy lifting of payment processing off your shoulders so you can focus on serving your clients & customers.

How It Works

Pick the integration that works for you

Merchantic helps you build a custom payment solution that works best for you and your business

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Online Invoices

Easily invoice customers via a brandable email and have them pay just by clicking a link. Customers can be billed in any currency and pay any way they like, by credit card, cash, or ACH.

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Shareable Payment Links

Seamlessly create branded payment pages to share with your customers. All payable by card or ACH transaction.

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In-Person Payments

Whether you need terminals for retail stores, restaurant and hospitality pay-at-table, or mobile commerce for merchants on the go, we offer the right device and solution.

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Ecommerce Integrations

Merchantic's flexible payment solutions easily integrate with your already existing ecommerce platform and shopping cart. Or you can build a custom shopping cart.

Payments for any business

SaaS Businesses

Our all-in-one payment platform eliminates the need to work with multiple vendors, empowering SaaS organizations to think smarter, work more efficiently, and increase their bottom line.

Ecommerce Stores

Merchantic's flexible payment solutions easily integrate with your already existing ecommerce store and shopping carts. Our enhanced functionality offers rate flexibility, advanced fraud protection, customer data management, and advanced analytics & reporting to strengthen your ecommerce website.

Subscription Businesses

Easily run your subscription business and manage your payments with Merchantic's subscription management tools. Create professional invoices, schedule recurring payments, and intuitively manage your client’s payments to deliver a reliable and trustworthy service experience.

Mobile Applications

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Easily accept payments in your IOS or Andriod mobile app. Embed a custom Merchantic payment form to fit the payment flow that you need. 

Make your online payments system hassle-free

The "one size fits all" payment system doesn't scale. Let Merchantic build a custom payment solution that works for you and your business.

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Online Payments

Accepts online payments globally


In-Person Payments

Easily accept in-person payment wherever you're located with our POS systems

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Unattended Payments

Convenient, secure unattended card payments for a variety of industries across the world

Global payment acceptance

With 100+ currencies and 200+ processor method connections, Merchantic makes it easy to to run your business worry free and work with customers from all over the world. 


Payments Volume





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