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All-in-one Merchant-centric Payment Solution

Join Merchantic and our world leading partners to power your payments, and lower your rate.
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Between Merchantic and our Gateway providing partners:


Payments Volume








Connected Devices


Shopping Cart Connections

Some of our Integrations


We also provide a custom integrations to fit your businesses needs.

Payments Platform with the best rate

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Merchantic is a completely integrated platform of payments solutions

We bring together everything your business needs to accept payments from your customers world-wide. Our products are designed for online business, in-person retailers, subscriptions businesses, software businesses, restaurants, “high-risk” industries, and everything in between.

We also help businesses organize their reporting with our platform, beat fraud, send invoices, and much more.

Save Up to 65%

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Simplified Payments

View analytics, customer insights, and process payments all from one easy to use dashboard

Merchantic's simplified platform eliminates the need to work with multiple vendors, empowering businesses to work more efficiently and increase profits. Simply create professional invoices, schedule recurring payments, and intuitively manage your payments to deliver a reliable experience for your customers.

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A "merchant first" approach to payment processing

With a dedicated Payments Solutions Expert collaborating with you at every step, Merchantic's success team helps build and maximize your payments infrastructure.


We're not like our competitors... We keep our client base smaller and our relationships more personal with our 'white-glove' client service, giving you everything you need to succeed.

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Antoine Martel, FlipSystem

"I couldn't be happier. The transition was seamless and their customer service team went above and beyond to ensure we were taken care of. It's exactly what we needed in order to keep growing. Their fees are also much more reasonable compared to my previous provider. I highly recommend Merchantic for any business looking for a reliable and cost-effective payment processing solution that is built for growing companies."
Cotact Sales

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